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IT, Institutional Repository & Digitization Unit

Welcome to the IT, IR & Digitization Unit

The Information Technology (IT) Section of the Library is in charge of the day-to-day management and maintenance of the Institute’s Library Systems. The unit plays an important role in ensuring that all the library systems work effectively to enable easy access to resources by students, faculty and staff. The unit has designed and implemented various systems for the library using some open source systems and providing security support and maintenace.

Daniel Akwasi Afrane – Head of Unit

Digitization of Resources

The IT unit is responsible for the digitization or conversion of some library materials to digital formats for the purposes of storage, preservation and dissemination. Some of these resources include old newspapers, maps, theses, heritage materials and others. The unit is currently resourced with a ScanSnap sv600 scanner that scans a 100-page book in 5 minutes.

Institutional Repository Management

The IT unit is equaly responsible for the management of the Institute’s digital repository. We collect, create and upload the appropriate content to the digital repository to reflect the digital scholarship of the Institute.

The UniMAC-IJ Digital Repository is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital materials. It is an open-access electronic archive that maintains and preserves digital copies of scholarly publications of faculty, administrators and students of UniMAC-IJ.

Abdul Razak Iddrissu
Senior Library Assistant
Agyima Araba Hagan
Senior Library Assistant

General Responsibilities of the Unit

  • Oversees the development and management of Library website.
  • Leads in the selection of an integrated system, facilitate the installation of the system, and maintain the system after installation as and when needed.
  • Formulates policies regarding the use of library systems and provide training for their use.
  • Collaborates with other sectional heads to assist their IT needs.
  • Identifies and develops new and existing technologies specifically designed for libraries and also ensuring smooth migration to new technologies as and when necessary.
  • Identifies new hardware and software technology, the cost involved in order to plan for appropriate changes and trains staff in their application to resolve library-specific problems.
  • Liaises with the central IT Directorate, faculty and the research directorate to integrate the LMS and Turnitin into the Library Systems.
  • Provides effective management and control over library computer hardware and software installations and operations.
  • Establishes long term needs for information systems, and plans strategy for developing systems and acquiring hardware to meet application needs.
  • Ensures security of the Library Systems, including routine checks on the audit trails and monitor the various activities of users.
  • Develops user education for students, academics and visitors, and proactive approach to improving library electronic services.
  • Generates system records and reports which support the purchasing history for the Institute’s Libraries.